BCBA Supervision in Organizational Behavior Management


I just completed my first year into an M.A. in Applied Behavior Analysis. I am one of a very few students at my school interested in Organizational Behavior Management, and one of even a fewer who have been practicing OBM as a Practicum requirement because it applies to my current employment position. As part of my curriculum, I need supervision hours from a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, of course one with experience in the field of Organizational Behavior Management, so that I can be prepared for certification by the end of graduation (expected next summer). Simply stated, is there anyone one who can provide supervision hours? The resources at my school are limited. Has anyone had a similar experience in their career and can recommend anyone or a place to start? I would really appreciate even the least bit of guidance.

Gohar Khalatyan

Where are you located?

Where are you located? (Hi...it's Caitlin!)

Hi Caitlin! I'm located in

Hi Caitlin! I'm located in River North (Chicago). Where are you located?

Right now I'm visiting Denver. Feel free to email me (michael@revivalfitness.com) or send me a text (7734848094)-I may not receive your reply as quick on the forum....I rarely check it.


Hi again (Hi Caitlin!)

Some important informtion I missed in my first email...I'm located in Glendale,California (this might help).

Thanks again,

Supervision in OBM

Hi Gohar,

If you haven't found a supervisor, I may be willing to fill this role for you. I live in Illinois but travel to Huntington Beach, CA about twice each month, so I could just add supervision to these trips if need be. Send me an email if you are still looking and include a brief summary of your primary research interests, projects you've worked on in the past, and your goals for the coming year.


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What school are you

What school are you attending, Gohar?

ABA School

I attend the Los Angeles campus of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Please email me at

Please email me at kmassel@vistacba.com, Gohar. I want to discuss a possible part-time position with you.